Airtac Solenoid Valve Model 3V1-06




        This is a 3 ported, 3-way valve, normally closed.  Can be used for controlling air, water, oil, and inert gases.  When voltage is applied to the coil, valve opens and allows flow.  When coil is de-energized, the valve returns to the blocked position and exhausts downstream pressure.  These valves may be mounted together to get a common supply port.  Please ask for prices on valve stacks.  This valve may be used to replace a 3V1-06.



          Media- Air, Inert Gases

          No of positions and Ports- 3 Position, 3 Ports

          Flow- Cv=.27, Equivalent Orifice Area= 4.9 mm2, (12.7 cubic feet per minute at 80 PSI with air)

          Port Size- IN OUT = 1/8" NPT

          Voltage range- plus or minus 10%

          Pressure Range- 0 PSI to 172 PSI

          Wire Insulation- Class F

          Weight= .30 lbs

          Body Material- Aluminum

             Seal Material- NBR






Airtac Solenoid Valve 3V1-06, 1/8 NPT, Single Solenoid, specify voltage, replaces 3V1-06

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