MIMI    STARCYL CYLINDER MODEL ST30F1-4x10-#2-NC-P2              The Starcyl  Series Star3 is dimensinally interchangeable with other manufactured brands that also make NFPA interchangeable cylinders.  The Starcyl cylinders come

optional with magnetic piston.  "30" in the part number designates an oversize rod (1 5/8" rod and 1 1/4-12 rod thread)


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Starcyl Cylinder ST30F1-4X10-2-NC-P2, NFPA Interchangeable 4" bore X 10" stroke, oversize rod

  • Brand: Starcyl
  • Product Code: ST30F1-4X10-2-NC-P
  • Availability: 2
  • $115.00