About Us

Discountairvalves.com and discountaircylinders.com were started in 2012 as a method of marketing valves and cylinders over the Internet.  Items are shipped out of West Bloomfield, Michigan.  The "Easy to Use" shopping cart method provides quick pricing along with detailed information about each product.  We also have included basic information on how the valves and cylinders work to provide customers with an understanding on how to properly apply the products.  Our Valves and Cylinders come with National Pipe Threads (NPT) as opposed to many of our competitors which use British Standard Parallel (BSP) as thier standard.  We have found that BSP fittings will still work in the NPT ports, however, valves with BSP threads will only have about 1 thread engagement to work with NPT fittings.   Despite the fact that this site has only been on the Internet since 2012, we still have over 40 years of experience in the fuid power industry and would be glad to assist customers in any applications they may encounter. We also carry other items that may not appear on this website.  Fastek USA is our Brand Name, but we do cover other Brands.  To contact us, please use the following:

Phone: 248-366-7700

Fax: 248-366-7750

email: natalve@comcast.net

 Thank you for visiting our site.